Stay Tuned: Check out the School Food Garden Policies that our local school boards now have.

During March and April of 2012, the School Food Gardens committee presented to all three school boards in Thunder Bay about adopting a Statement of Support, and a process for the development of school food gardens. Here is the statement - If you have any feedback, please get in touch with us:

Last spring, three Thunder Bay
school boards were asked to
develop a statement of support
for school food gardens within
their board policies, as well as
outline a process for schools to
follow when starting a school
food garden. All boards have
responded positively!

The Thunder Bay Catholic
District School Board hasdrafted a school garden policywhich includes both a supportstatement and process forschool food gardens. It has beenreviewed by the Board’sEnvironmental StewardshipTeam (BEST), and is currentlybeing circulated to principals forfurther feedback. Some BESTmembers have recommendedthat this new policy be incorporatedinto a larger schoolgreening policy to includeschool grounds, food gardensand outdoor classrooms.
The Conseil scolaire de district
Catholique des Auroresboréales has reviewed its boardpolicies, and believes thecreation of school food gardensfits within the communityengagement pillar of itsstrategic plan.In order to start a school foodgarden, interested groupsand/or individuals are asked tocomplete the board’s planningtool “Grille d’analyse pouractivités communautaires”(analytical framework forcommunity activities), which canbe accessed at: tool ensures that thosewishing to undertake any schoolrelatedproject have [1] plannedout the project; [2] reflected onthe intentions of the activity (e.g.what will it bring to the studentsand school community?); and[3] evaluated the success andsustainability of the project.
The Lakehead Public SchoolBoard has struck a committeethat hopes to meet in the nearfuture to look at including astatement and supportingprocess for school food gardensin its board policy.