Schools are more than just the walls that surround them - they are part of a larger community which exert influence on the students, both positively and negatively. Food choices is one of these influences.

Exploring the creation of Healthy Food Zones (HFZ) around schools is one of the focuses of Healthy Eating Makes the Grade. Models of such zones can be found in throughout the United States, UK and New Zealand. By studying these models, and developing a picture of the situation in Thunder Bay, this working group aims to make policy recommendations to the City of Thunder Bay in order to have such policies guide future developments around local schools.

The working group is comprised of members from both the Public and Separate boards in Thunder Bay, the Canadian Red Cross, the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and the City of Thunder Bay. If you would like more information on this working group, or are interested in getting invovled, please contact Catherine.

School Food Environment Survey:

Here's a glimpse of some of the results from the 2012 School Food Environment Survey. We had 1300 responses! This is a word cloud created from the question: When you leave the school for food, what are your common purchases?"