Edgewater Park School

Edgewater Park's Healthy School's Team worked hard all year to create awareness and promote healthy activities throughout their school. Their goal was to increase student participation in fitness activities and increase fitness levels. The Team organized 20 Minute Workouts for students and staff, which included activities such as Zumba, skipping and dogdeball. In addition to their regular sports team, other events organized by the Team included: a dance-a-thon, snowshoeing, broomball, mini sticks, rugby, ball hockey, and a pedometer challenge. The Team did an amazing job bringing the entire school community together with their events, and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming school year!

Holy Cross School
Peer Advocates for Wellness
Student Committee including students from grades 3-6 were brought together to actively engaged in Healthy Living school initatives and bring their voice and that of peers forward to the school. They are involved in activities such as, nutritional food programs, healthy snacks, yoga, and environmental programs.
McKenzie School
Cooking with Students
Serving healthy snacks to all students twice a week and cooking from the Bake It Up guide and other healthy recipes once a week with parent volunteers. the students are very engaged. It is hands on learning, and also teaches cooperation and group skills. In the end, it seemed as though the students are more likely to try a food if they or a peer made it.
St. Bernard School
Lunch Super Heroes
Students and volunteers created costumes and the super heroes checked both staff and student lunches to encourage healthy eating.

This year our program will run January to the end of March 2012.
Pairs of heroes will be visiting one or two classrooms at a time.
They will follow a script like this:
  • Introducing themselves and their super hero names
  • Looking around the classroom at the types of foods the children brought
  • Complimenting the children on the healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, whole grain products
  • Talking to them about which food group the food they think the food they are complimenting them on fits
  • They could introduce some of the jokes(provided in hand out form for reference) if they like, or they said they might look up or create their their own
  • Encourage the kids as they leave to keep Eating Smart!
St. Martin
Bouges Yoga
Is a comprehensive bilingual program that encompasses yoga activities and cardiovascular exercises to promote healthy, active lifestyles for students.
Superior Collegiate
Food for Thought Committee
Food for Thought at Superior CVI is a student and teacher group that carries out healthy living and food initiatives throughout the school. Some of their major actvities during the 2010-11 school year include their weekly free salad bar, a Mother's Day fundraiser of homemade chocolate truffles, the all-school 15 minute walk, and weekly smoothie sales. The group will continue to promote their message with more fun activities throughout the 2011-12 school year.

In School "Walk"
Conducted a "Get Active" walk within our school, 15 minutes where everyone walked, including all students and staff-teachers, administration, Education Assistants and cutodians.
Students Supporting a Healthy School
Special needs students assist and advocate for a healthy school. The group assisted with weekly recycling collection, vending machine duties and a laundry program for various sports teams. The group also partnered with the lunchtime games clubs, cafeteria support and the lunchtime peer leadership course.
Breakfast Club of Canada
Applied and received the Red Cross and Breakfast Club of Canada grants which allows for daily breakfast for students.