Summer Garden Schedule 2012
Week of July 2nd

Week of July 9th

Week of July 16th

Week of July 23rd

Week of July 30th

Week of August 6th

Week of August 13th

Week of August 20th

Week of August 27th

Key: there is a lock box behind the front L support under the shed in the same place it was last year. The code for it is D-O-G. It works like a normal combination lock. All the way to the R then back past the O for one whole revolution then to the R back to G (does that make sense?). The key to the shed is in the box. Please remember the door without the lock on it needs to be bolted shut before you lock the locking door.

Water: We are going to try something different this year to see if it makes watering easier. At the back of the visitor parking lot there is an outdoor faucet with the same kind of key mechanism as the faucet beside the rain barrel. I think it is easier to pull the hose through the space between the shed and the gym wall into the parking lot and hook it up that way. Then the excess hose can be left in that small space between the shed and gym and the hose that comes through into the garden space can either be stored in the shed or hung on a hose holder. Once the shed is stained, we will put a hose holder on the front of the shed to the L of the door. Right now it is inside the shed (the hose and the holder).
The faucet “key” is a T-shaped metal tool that is hanging on a nail above the clipboard in the shed. There are extra rubber O-rings if leaky hoses are a problem.
If you are lucky, you will have a week that isn’t too hot and dry. If not, you will need to water , at most, every 2 or 3 days. It is best to water first thing in the morning if possible. Also, try to give the plants a good soak right down to the roots and avoid getting the leaves wet if you can. Many plants don’t need water (Jerusalem artichoke, rhubarb) and things like raspberries, garlic, currants etc only need water if it is very dry.

Weeds: Of course there will be the need to weed throughout the summer. Please put the weeds that you pull into the composter. The composter and compost pile will need to be watered and turned about once per week.

Harvest: Please check the berry shrubs (gooseberries, currants, Saskatoons, raspberries), strawberry plants, tomato vines and cucumber plants (just planted in one of the raised beds) for any ripe fruit or vegetables and store them in your freezer until the fall when we make soup or fruit leather with it. If it is a plant that can wait until harvest in September (onions, carrots, potatoes, squash, beans, herbs) then please leave the harvesting for the students when they come back to school.
Of course you are free to sample some of the produce when you harvest.

Clipboard: This year I would like to try keeping a record of when things are done in the garden. For this purpose there is a clipboard and pen hanging in the shed. If you do any tasks in the garden or harvest anything, please record the date and what you did. Also if you notice any vandalism, crop damage or problems you can record them on the sheets provided.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please call me (Jen) at 939-2170. If you are unable to reach me, you can call Jodi Belluz at 577-8591.

Thank you so much for helping make the garden happen!!!